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SEC Project

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Topic 4: Interactive White Boards


Topic 4: Is the SmartBoard Worth the Cost?

Advantages (LT)

  •   For Students
    • Increased participation
    • Increased motivation
    • Opportunity to delve into complex and abstract subjects
  •     For Teachers
    • Flexibility
    • Multiple Resources
    • Reaches multiple and diverse students


Disadvantages (LT)

  •  For Students
    • Quickly lose appeal
    • Less time on content
    • One note lessons 
  •       For Teachers
    • Technical issues
    • Teacher Training – stewardship
    • Shifts attention from student to technology


  • Effectiveness of Smart Board Technology: (SC)
    • as a tool for non-linear learning;
    • combines the benefits of interactive computer use with group learning;
    • as a tool for multi-modal teaching;
    • as a tool for teaching children with disabilities
  • Effective Use of Smart Board Technology: (SC)
    • must have adequate training and time to find appropriate software;
    • must be an integral part of the lesson, not something tacked on to be fun
  •  Recommendations for integration of smart boards into K-12 classroom instruction]
  • Integrating into K-12 classes
    • Special Needs classes
      • Gives students extra time to study
      • Plenty of resources and teaching assistance
      • Example of my sister who suffered a TBI and how a Smartboard who have helped


    • Using different colors in presentations 
      • The use of colors appeals to different learning styles
      • Teachers can highlight positive and negative aspects of student essays
      • Visually enhances notes


    • Saving notes 
      • Help students catch up if they miss a day of class, which enables them to not fall behind in class
      • Students can review notes before a big test
      • Students can use the notes to assist them in homework
      • Students can access notes at home through the teacher's class website


    • Substitute teachers
      • Teachers can easily prepare notes if they know they will be absent.
      • Teachers can video record notes for that day  


    • Assisting parents
      • Parents can access notes at home which helps them understand what their child is learning
      • Keeps the students accountable for what they are learning
      • Parents can help their children study (such as students with Special Needs)


    • Access to the Internet
      • Internet is at the teacher's fingertip, which will not disrupt the flow of class
      • History teachers can access speeches given by political leaders
        • Presidential election videos and debates
        • Speeches given at the United Nation 
      • Foreign language teachers can access international websites
      • Mathematics teachers can access websites that rely on statistics


    • Engaging students
      • Gets students more involved in class
      • More likely to learn the required material


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