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Outline for Group Presentation

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Outline for Group Presentation 

 Linda Yourko      

The Digital Generation

I.  Introduction

    A. Description

        1.  A.K.A.

             a.  Net Generation

             b.  Wired Generation

             c.  Generation Y

             d.  Millenial Generation

         2. Terms

             a. Digital native

             b. Digital immigrant

             c. Other

     B. Two schools of thought

III.  The Debate

     A. Digital generation according to age

         1. Age dependent

         2. Immersed in technology

         3. Change education to accomodate accelerated technology skills set

     B. Digital generation according to experience & exposure

         1. Accessibility dependent

         2. Technology used

             a. Most commonly used technology

                1. Youth

                2. Adults

             b. More advanced technology used

          3. More empirical research needed before changing education system

IV.  Impact

     A. How the Net Gen learns

         1. Guide on the Side

         2. Learn by doing

         3. Human interaction

         4. Interaction not isolation

     B. Problems in the classrooms

         1. Cheating is prevalent (cut & paste)

         2. Plagiarism is endemic

         3. Technology used in class as distraction

             a. Cell phones

             b. Smart phones

             c. Laptop surfing

            d. iPods

    C. Challenge for Education

        1. Funding

        2. Access & skills

        3. Interaction

        4. Relevance

V.  Conclusion



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