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Page history last edited by Tara Lee 10 years, 12 months ago

Technology in Education Presentation

Emily Bair & Tara Lee


  1. Why do we Assess??? Context/History of Assessments http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/11/13/AR2006111301007.html
    1. Socratic Method
      1. Ancient Greece - Socratic method of conversations focused on higher knowledge than correct responses
    2. Standardized exams & Essays
      1. China - 7th Century - Essays of Confucian philosophy
      2. Europe - printing press & paper manufacturing fueled written exams
      3. American College Board - early 1900’s - multiple choice SAT
  2. Technology assessments in society
    1. Presidential debates
      1. On-site polling of debate for GOP vs. Democrats
      2. Retail receipts
  3. You-tube video - Introducing technology in education
  4. Fluid Survey Poll (Emily) 
    1. “Use and exposure to clickers, polling, and smart phones in the classroom”
  5. What is a clicker?  
    1. Describe/define uses of clicker in a classroom
    2. Advantages of using clickers in the classroom
      1. Attendance - accountability
      2. Attention of student
      3. Anonymity
      4. Participation - regular feedback
      5. Engagement
      6. Interaction
      7. Discussion
    3. Disadvantages of using clickers
      1. Forgot clicker
      2. Clicker malfunction
      3. False participation
      4. Does polling during class eat up lecture time?
      5. Negative feedback
      6. Identifying students who want to remain anonymous
      7. Financial commitment
  6. Smart phone use in the classroom
    1. Advantages
      1. Student access to calculator, blogs, peer feedback, videos
      2. Familiar to students
      3. Reliable
      4. Students collaborate with each other through postings
      5. Activities are monitored and recorded
      6. Home school students can stay in touch with students at a brick & mortar school
    2. Disadvantages of using smart phones
      1. Cost
      2. ???
  7. Polling in the classroom
    1. Sample online survey websites
      1. Survey monkey
        1. Homeschool polling of parents (Tara)
      2. Fluid survey
      3. Quizstar.4teachers
      4. Classmarker
      5. Student Response System for K12
    2. Advantages of polling
    3. Disadvantages
  8. Conclusion
    1. Conduct Survey Monkey poll on new information learned
    2. Post results
    3. Integration ideas into the classroom
      1. ??


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