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EDU-6700: Technology in Education

Masters of Education - Summer 2011

Student LEARNING outcomes

Submitted to:Andrew Alan Runyan, Ph.D.

Submitted by:Lanie M. De Leon

  • Using the PowerPoint Presentation, students will be able to identify right pictures of examples for the introduction of the lesson indicated by showing thumbs up if it’s right and thumbs down if it’s wrong.



  • Using the PowerPoint Presentation with audios created in Audacity, students will be able to listen to the story indicated by paying attention and participating when prompted to respond to questions after the presentation.



  • Using some slides from the Introduction and Story PowerPoint Presentations, students will be able to recall or review the lesson and check if they remember the story by asking them to act out their favorite scene or part of the story they think is important. Students will be given time to explain and give other relevant examples.



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